When real life begins

Saving For The Day is an independent feature film.  It touches on 15 different genres, but is primarily an action-adventure with strong elements of romance and comedy.  

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Saving For The Day was produced by With A Cause Productions.  Founded by John D. Nilles in 2001, With A Cause Productions is a Montana-based production company dedicated to producing relevant, thought-provoking, and entertaining films seen around the world.

Cast & Crew


Andy Shirtliff - "Joeseph C. Bell" is a goal-oriented penny-pinching hermit who sets out on a journey to become the hero.

Lindsey Zachariasen - "Abbey" is a fiery, redheaded archaeologist. She's the process-oriented love interest of Joe.

James A. McGahee - "Jim" is a masked villain pushed into a life of crime by the frustrations of life.

Jared Branden - "Strider" is a mixture of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Aragorn at least in his own mind. He's Joe's mentor & trainer.

Cheyenne Adamson - "Heath" is the coolest nerd around and Joe's techie sidekick.

Sibahn Doxey - "Miss Corndog"

Jeff Medley - "Kevin" is an oblivious star gazer. By chance, he becomes an integral part of Joe's journey. 

Dave Brannen - "Coworker"

Colette Keen - "The Baker"

Bob Knight - "The Clockmaker" is the mysterious old time that gives Joe the chest filled with treasure.

Nathan McTague - "Scarf/Bobby"

Lily Gladstone - "Hostess"

R.J. Parnell - "Ricardo" sets the size of the font for body text.

Christian Ackerman - "Sarge/Zombie"

Doreen Roos - "Clerk"

James Caron - "Richard Jacobson"

Rick Bielawski - "Mugger"

Tawni Olson - "Heath's Helper"

Paul Ronaldo - "Pawn Shop Owner"

Tim Huffman - "Sheriff" is the blanced and steady voice of reason both as the Sheriff for live action role playing and in real life.

Melissa Gee - "Roman Goddess"

Jonathan Qualben - "Detective Humphries"

Raynee Deguerre - "Heath's Sister"


Saving For The Day features 25 speaking roles and nearly 200 background actors


John D. Nilles - Writer/Director

Casey Bays - Executive Producer

Josh Wagner - Associate Producer

Anna Nilles - Co-Producer

Andy Shirtliff - Co-Producer

LaVonne Miller - Co-Producer

Jenni Johnson - Production Manager

Kara Chandler - Costume Designer

Sarah Meismer - Production Designer